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Accessing our cleanroom facilities

At the Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom, we are keen to offer processing and fabrication expertise to all, whether through direct-access, fabrication-as-a-service, or through collaboration.

For general enquiries regarding access, processing capabilities or collaborations, please contact Dr Chris Wood.

Please visit the Henry Royce Institute for information regarding current access support schemes for academics and SMEs.

Postal address:

Dr Christopher Wood
Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom
Sir William Henry Bragg Building
University of Leeds

Other useful links

The Henry Royce Institute

For information on facility access support for academics and SMEs.

Royce Deposition System

A multi-chamber, multi-technique facility for thin film growth. Comprised of four deposition chambers connected via ultra-high vacuum transfer chambers, allowing us to build complex multi-material heterostructures with novel interfaces.

N8 Equipment Sharing Database

Can't find what you need in the Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom? Try other facilities in the region.