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Year 11 Work Experience programme (October 2023)

Monday 23 - Friday 27 October, 2023
Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom

The Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom was thrilled to host its inaugural work experience placement programme in October 2023, in which we welcomed Year 11 students from North Halifax Grammar School ( for a week of hands-on microfabrication. During their time, the students were tasked with fabricating a device, packaging it and ultimately taking electrical measurements to assess device performance. They acquired valuable skills in semiconductor processing, including patterning optical photoresists and employing cutting-edge maskless lithography for exposure. Despite their lack of prior processing experience, by the week's end, they successfully produced functional devices.

I was captivated by the entire cleanroom experience and found it incredibly enjoyable. I hope to pursue this field at the university level.

The cleanroom environment was a departure from my usual educational experiences, and I was astounded by the level of precision needed to create a device.

This activity represents just one of the various initiatives underway in the Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom that align with the government's National Semiconductor Strategy, focusing on training and skills development within the semiconductor industry. If you're interested in how the Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom can assist with your training or fabrication needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.